Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What a couple of days.......

Well yesterday was funny old day really - I went off to Aqua Aerobics in the morning and struggled for the first half of the class but then got into my stride and enjoyed the last half!!! I had planned to catch up with a friend for a chat in the afternoon but strangely she didn't get my text until teatime when I sent it at lunch time!! All very strange but I know that I've had times where texts have taken a little while to arrive... So I ended up making a start on the LO I am going to teach at my Crop on 31st March. I must admit to rather enjoying getting back into creating again given that my Christmas was pretty much a creative free zone.

Today I had my new oven delivered and fitted and the old one taken away. It was 11 years old and although it was a fan oven, it was burning things at the front and not cooking them at the back of the oven... Well it had to go - I couldn't stand it any longer! I've had my fill of carbon and I can't stand things undercooked at all... Yuck!! So the men from Comet came and fitted it in record time - you would have thought they were on some gameshow where the quicker they completed their task, the better their prize.... Anyway it's in, working and I've given it a nice clean too so no more fitters fingerprints. I've managed to only spend about 30 minutes on the LO for the Crop but at least its almost finished now and I'm pretty happy with it. More details about that when its finally done!

It's really quiet around here again now that Michael is back in Uni and my poor old Washing Machine can have a rest again. It's unbelievable just how much washing one extra person generates!! Thank goodness he has to do his own most of the time although no doubt when he comes home he'll bring a huge pile with him again. Our plans for the next couple of months are to continue organising the house and creating my own Craft Area in our Dining Room. All the units have been bought from IKEA and are now just waiting in the garage for us to have time to make a start. I imagine that won't happen until our Crop has taken place but then of course we have the big Craft Trade Show in Birmingham to get ready for....... Oooh lots of NEW yummy goodies to get in stock I hope!! I must admit I love seeing what the manufacturers come up with so this time of year is really nice in that respect.... Hopefully we will have made lots of room with our HUGE SALE or we won't be able to buy much as we simply won't have anywhere to put it all!!

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