Thursday, 26 February 2009

Taking it Slow.............

Sorry not to have blogged for a few days but unfortunately on Monday evening I bent over to pick up some paper and......... **BAM**............. my back went!!!!!! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch is all I can say........ I think maybe a few expletives may have been said in the 'heat' of the moment too. I was so annoyed with myself and then of course you go off thinking "if only I had bent down differently, this would not have happened" which does absolutely nothing to help the situation of course.. Anyway the upshot is that the last few days have been spent with many back rubs, a heat pad in my chair and very careful shuffling round the house!! All this has meant of course that my careful preparations for our crop on Saturday are all behind and orders have been taking an extra day to send out, but I am so hoping that my back will be good enough to hold out for a whole day on Saturday!

So if you see me struggling on Saturday do please grab a chair and make me sit down won't you??????????????? I'm really going to have to go and see my lovely Osteopath next week I think (oh dear what a chore.... LOL).

I'm going to be launching the Fiskars pre-crop Challenge sometime over this weekend (was going to be Friday but as with everything this week, its had to be pushed back a little) - so keep your eyes peeled on here and you could be the FIRST to know what you need to create to win a fabulous not yet released Fiskars product!!!!!!!

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Penny aka Pennyk said...

take care with you back!!! Hope you feel better soon. Cant wait to see part 2 of the pre crop challenge.