Monday, 9 February 2009

They've arrived!!!!

Oh much excitement today here because the Brand NEW Basic Grey Marrakech & Porcelain arrived here first thing this morning!!! Oh boy are they scrummy!! I was always Sold on Marrakech just because they are my kind of colour combinations but when I saw Porcelain............ oh my goodness it really is gorgeous! I had been looking at the Basic Grey photo of Porcelain and thinking that it was nice..... but it wasn't making me jump up and down and now I know why - their photo does not show it off to its best!!! In real life it is just delightful so I took my own photo today to try and show it how it really is (photo is a little dark but better colour reproduction). So now I absolutely HAVE to have both of them and I'm sure you'll fall in love soon too!!!!

Well this weekend didn't quite work out as I had planned - first I was going to a crop in Bristol but unfortunately because of the weather that had to be cancelled! So I thought I would take part in the Cyber Crop over on UKS. A friend had very kindly asked me if I wanted to go round and do some scrapping with her which I thought would be great fun so I started getting my things together to do a couple of the classes from the CC until I couldn't find half the things I needed (and knew I had somewhere)!!! So after much searching I finally gave up, threw a hissy fit and had to cancel my scrapping time with my friend!!! So Pippa I am really sorry but the upshot was that we then decided that my Craft Area in our dining room really had to be started!!! Yippee.... It's really started to take shape now with 5 of the 6 units built and in place (doors and drawers still to be fixed) so I thought I would take a little pic and show you what we've done so far....... I'm picking orders for the rest of the day but then I will be turning my attention to starting to fill my fabulous craft area so that I can be organised enough to find all that scrummy stash I just know I have..................... somewhere..............

As you can see I popped a few bits in there as we were going along simply because I ran out of floor space elsewhere :) But all the cubes are large enough to hold the 12" RUB boxes, the Cropper Hopper Paper Holders without having to cut anything off and even when we put the doors on some of the cubes, they will still be big enough to hold pretty much everything (apart from my Expression of course) that we want them to. I am so happy and can't wait for it all to be finished completely - oh that will be utter bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Julia Dunnit said...

Looks blooming great to me. Can totally understand your excitement!