Wednesday, 18 March 2009

It's HERE!!!!

Finally all my Tim Holtz stuff arrived today including the much sought after Grungepaper!!! Yippee.... Some people were quick off the mark and were phoning me before the shipment had even arrived wanting to reserve so I am not expecting some of the items to last very long at all to be honest! The Foliage is absolutely gorgeous and the metal embossed corners are just divine and I absolutely MUST have some.... Not sure that will work if everyone buys them of course.... :) You know I wasn't sure when I ordered whether I would really like the Ornate Plates but now they have arrived, I have to say that they are fabulous and I am sure I will really enjoy using them to create a very different look on my pages. The good thing about Tim's stuff is that whilst it all comes in his signature colour range, it can all be painted and inked making it so versatile.......... Oh crikey I just adore all his stuff and I think I need to start a 'Tim Holtz Anonymous' group - who wants to join me then???????????????

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