Wednesday, 2 September 2009

We're back from Ireland....

As lots of you already know we went away over the Bank Holiday on a very short cruise to Cork... well Cobh (pronounced Cove) really!! To say the weather was awful was a bit of an understatement - it was dreadful.... We were fine leaving Southampton although it was blowing a gale and cold but the ship was stable until we headed out of the Bristol Channel and over to Ireland when it started to get 'choppy'! Thankfully I had found my sea legs so wasn't affected but I knew there were some who weren't so lucky when I saw airline sick bags taped to the handrails on the main stairs!!! You would think that 160,000 tons of ship would take a bit of 'throwing around' but I guess that just goes to show the power of the sea. Anyway we arrived in Cobh the next day at 3pm and it was raining really hard, very dark and Gary and I decided that we wouldn't venture ashore especially as we were seeing an Ice Show at 5pm so it would only have been a quick visit anyway. We stayed overnight in Cobh and the next morning when we woke the weather was, if anything, worse!!! After our leisurely breakfast and a wander round the ship, we decided to brave it and go ashore - it was only spitting with rain then and we had a really enjoyable walk getting some much needed fresh air! A little retail therapy and a fabulous cup of hot chocolate later and we were ready to get back on board for the evening sail away. Can you believe that around 5pm it started to clear up, the sun came out and people were in the pools and on the sun decks! We had a wonderful view of our 6pm sail away from a bar on the 14th deck with cocktail in hand.................. mmmnnnn lovely. The sea was a bit 'choppy' on the way home but once again the shows, some great dinner guests and lots of laughter soon made that pale into the background. So here we are, back on old blighty with some amazing piccies of people surfing on the back of our ship, us playing mini golf and being buzzed by a helicopter from Culdrose or Yeovilton (we weren't sure which but they were flying really close and low and we were able to wave to each other!!). All that's left now is to get back to work and sort out all the orders we had while we were away... we start shipping again tomorrow (Thursday).

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