Tuesday, 13 October 2009

We're back!!

Hiya fellow bloggers!! Just in case you thought I had fallen off the edge of the planet.... well I haven't I've just been up in Lancaster having a wonderful week with my husband and parents!! We were so lucky to have had glorious weather apart from one day when it poured with rain but hey we weren't bothered because we had such a wonderful time every other day!! We stayed in a fabulous place called Thurnham Hall just outside of Lancaster and set in 30 acres of rolling countryside. We had a 2 bedroomed, 2 bathroom apartment which was cavernous and had a massive dining table where mum and I could spend some time crafting to our hearts content. We found one day a couple of ducks outside our front door and mum quickly got some bread to feed them with - well you should have seen it.................... suddenly there were loads of them running across the grass to get to our door and we were surrounded by them!!! The males were pecking the ladies to try and get all the food for themselves so we had to be clever and organise a two pronged attack to ensure the ladies all got food. Of course they learn very quickly and each morning they were back, quacking away waiting for their daily bread!!! The only slight problem was the droppings they left on the path so dad had to go out and wash it down so that we could all go out to the car for our outings. We went to Morecambe and into the Art Deco hotel 'The Midland' which has been fully restored in the last couple of years and is really wonderful inside. The coffee was expensive but it did come with an organic biscuit which Gary thoroughly enjoyed. We also went to Blackpool and stayed to see the Illuminations which were really good but I wouldn't want to go back to Blackpool again anytime soon - its really not my kind of place although the people we met were lovely. We also went up to Lake Windermere and Bowness and had a glorious river boat ride and popped into the Lakeland shop for a little retail therapy too. Everyone had a wonderful lunch in the restaurant but I just had a black coffee - good eh?? We took time to explore the local countryside around where we stayed and found some fabulous Farm Shops and coffee houses too so all in all it really was a fab time.

Of course now we're back and I have to catch up on things but unfortunately I'm not feeling great at the moment - very tired and a cold coming so its all taking that bit longer to sort out...... still I will get there soon.

I'll post some piccies when I can get a minute to get them off the camera & upload.

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