Monday, 20 September 2010

How time flies.....

Well things haven't quite gone to plan for me over the last couple of weeks what with scheduled surgery and then a very unscheduled trip to A&E for a day so once again I find myself playing catch up with everything for the upcoming crop where we have Cleo Jarvis teaching a wonderful Scrapbook Class for us.  So without further ado I thought I would let you all know the final details for the Scrap Class and what you need to bring along.

OK everyone we are now on the final countdown to the crop on Saturday so here are the final details for the crop class - you will need the following:

4 Photos Portrait Style measuring 3" x 2" preferably in Black & White

Lime & Turquoise Ink



Glue Dots

Foam Pads

PVA Glue

We will have some inkpads in our Shop if you don't have any to match and would like to purchase some and we will also have Glue Dots and Foam Pads as well.  We won't have PVA Glue apart from some Art Institute Glitter Glue however.

I am sure you are all going to have a great time doing the class which will last a minimum of 2 hours and is scheduled to start at 12 noon.  This will give you all time to settle in and have a natter and a shop before you need to do the class.  As usual this month we will have some great offers for you just for Saturday along with lots of yummy NEW goodies which are arriving this week so bring along your cheque books, cheque cards and cash and we will see you all on saturday!!  Doors open at 9.55am.

Just to whet your appetite take a look at the sneak peek Cleo has sent through of the class you will be doing!!  I think it looks yummy and lots of fun - what do you think??

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