Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It's nearly Crop time again........

Well this summer has certainly been a busy one - our son Michael has graduated with a fabulous 2:1 Degree in Pure Law from Birmingham University and was a wafer away from getting a First!!!!!  The Graduation Ceremony was, thanfully a sunny day so we were able to see him in his full cap & gown and get some great photos (when he was willing to be photographed of course......).  It was kind of strange to be driving away from the University knowing that was our very last trip up there - our car knows its way on its own I'm sure after all those trips in the last 3 years.....  So I thought that if I felt it was kind of strange then Michael would definitely feel slightly confused - sad at leaving the freedom of student life and all the friends and events but also excited at the prospect of starting his new job in London!!  A very emotional time for us all. 

We decided to mark his graduation with a big party at home where all the families were invited along with his girlfriends family and some of his friends - thankfully we were blessed with a fine day although it did get quite cold come food time unfortunately which meant that the Bar-b-Que was actually eaten inside rather than out on the patio.  Still everyone had a great time and Michael really enjoyed it which was the main thing.

So then began the trauma of moving him up to London - clearing his room at home was a huge task as he tends to be a bit of a hoarder!!  Eventually we were ready.  The car could not fit another wafer of paper into it as we set off for Clapham but when we got there I was pleasantly surprised at his room.  The landlord had freshly painted it ready for him and we were able to sort out all his bits & bobs quite easily.  A quick trip to a local Staples for a Desk and Argos for a TV stand and we were back to make them up and have a quick chat with one of his flatmates.  We then went off to Nando's just round the corner (Gary & I had never experienced a Nando's before so it was a totally new experience) for a farewell meal.  We left him happy and sorted and finally got home at about 1.30am.  Next morning I awoke to news of the London riots and then we found out the following night that rioting had taken place in Clapham!!!  Yikes was I panicked......  I was feeling bad enough at the realisation that he had finally left home but then that!!!  Thankfully he told me quickly that he was out at a friends in another part of London and that it was Clapham Junction not the part of Clapham he is in - Phew thank goodness for that.........

So we now find ourselves gearing up for the September Crop which is taking place on Saturday 3rd September in our usual hall in Brent Knoll.  I have created a Scrap Class using Alcohol Inks which was requested at our last crop and will also be using a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder too for a great technique.  I have realised though that I haven't yet posted the class from the last crop which again was a request to show people how to incorporate Stamping into a Layout.

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